In October 2023, Wikibot became Product of the Week #1 on ProductRadar

In October 2023, Wikibot became Product of the Week #1 on ProductRadar

How the Idea Came About

It was hard not to notice the boom of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence in general. We started experimenting with language models and capabilities, trying to understand what AI can and cannot do, its advantages, and limitations. We realized that we achieved quite a good result from the start and had a huge potential for improvement. We then started brainstorming specific product use cases, leading us to a solution for the support department.

Time from Idea to First Client

Our initial goal was to find three clients within the first month, and that's roughly what happened. Among this trio was Skillbox. We were very fortunate with them. We initiated our sales by sending proposals to potential clients' email addresses, and one of the recipients was the public email To our surprise, they responded! It went something like this:

  • "We are developing a cool AI-powered chatbot, and we propose you try it."
  • "Okay, let's give it a try!" That's how we delved into real user cases and "prod-prod" 🙂 So, don't be afraid of such straightforward approaches as direct sales!

Most Challenging Moment and How We Overcame It

The most challenging moment is what we are currently facing, strangely enough, related to AI 😀 We are very close to a clear understanding of how to close the first line so that we can scale. There is a real understanding that we are finding p/m fit, but imagine that AI is like a child, albeit a brilliant one, on whom we depend. Therefore, we have to deal with its whims from time to time. But we will cope, and our efforts will pay off.

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