Enter Smart search, ChatGPT for your company data

Enter Smart search, ChatGPT for your company data

Regular search engines often struggle to understand complex questions or requests phrased in everyday language, like:

  • where can I find the latest vacation request form
  • what is the design doc template we use in development projects
  • what is the purchase price for oils from our suppliers

Even if a company has lots of information, employees might have trouble finding it because the search engine doesn't understand their questions or they simply don't know where to look. This ends up causing a friction as questions get passed up to managers, so a quick task becomes a nightmare.

Enter Smart search.

Smart search understands the meaning of your question, not just tackle with keywords. You can ask questions in natural language, like you would to your manager. Wikibot will get you covered. Mistakes and typos included.

Smart search wrangles over all your connected sources and document types: PDFs, Word, Google Sheets, Freshdesk, Notion, Confluence and others.

Smart search is way cheaper than chatbot answers, costing less than a penny per search.

Cases for Smart search

  1. Finding internal company documents: This makes life easier for both employees and managers by reducing the number of questions passed up the chain.
  2. Searching the company website: Wikibot Smart search provides more relevant info than regular search engines, helping users find what they need faster.
  3. Helping support teams: It's a handy tool for support staff to quickly locate the right documents or articles to solve customer issues.

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