Comparing chatbot builders: Botmother vs Wikibot

Comparing chatbot builders: Botmother vs Wikibot

Comparing Botmother and Wikibot: Two Popular Chatbot Builders

Chatbots are a distinct type of application that integrates into messengers and customer support chats on websites. Users appreciate being able to perform necessary actions without leaving their favorite messengers.

In this article, we will explore use cases of two popular chatbot builders: Botmother and Wikibot.

Botmother — a Constructor for Creating Scenario-Based Chatbots

To create a bot, you need to describe the bot's scenario in a visual constructor. At each step of the scenario, a screen is created that users see with buttons and texts. The bot's logic is set up once and works the same on all platforms: VKontakte, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

Botmother has extensive capabilities:

  • Collecting user surveys — allows configuring fields that users need to fill out.
  • Payment acceptance — enables selling products and services, receiving payment directly in the messenger using popular payment systems (Robokassa, PayOnline, bePaid, YooKassa).
  • Statistics — provides useful information about users. You can track at which stage users drop off.
  • Mailings — allows sending news and offers to users.
  • Switching to an operator — needed to connect an operator to the chat, preventing customer loss and avoiding negativity if the bot doesn't understand anything.
  • Integrations with popular CRMs.

Wikibot — a Constructor for Chatbots that Understand Natural Language

The Wikibot service allows creating a bot for automatic responses to chat clients in natural language, replacing a first-line technical support specialist.

It uses existing documentation on the company's products or services for training.

Advantages of using the service:

  • Easy to start. To create an AI bot, simply provide a link to the knowledge base or product website.
  • Natural responses. The chatbot, using a large language model, understands questions and provides answers in natural language.
  • Reduced staff costs and, for users, reduced waiting time for responses.
  • Improvement of the knowledge base. The service provides analytics on questions that the AI did not find answers to in the documentation. This information forms the basis for improving the support department's knowledge base.
  • The bot automatically learns when articles in the knowledge base are updated.
  • The service supports integration with website chats and helpdesk systems.


The functions of Botmother and Wikibot hardly overlap.

If you need to collect user data, receive payments, inform users, use Botmother.

If you need a bot that reduces the workload on the support department and helps users solve problems, use Wikibot.

By the way, some scenario-based chatbot builders have already implemented integration with Wikibot, such as Talk-me. If you are unsure about your choice, feel free to reach out to us.

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