Comparison of Wikibot with competitors in Russia

Comparison of Wikibot with competitors in Russia

Chatbots with artificial intelligence for user support in helpdesk are rapidly gaining popularity.

It seems that popular helpdesks offer a huge choice of AI chatbots. We compared market leaders and found a couple of options where you can try creating and training a bot with your own data. The products included in the comparison are: Wikibot, JustAI Aimylogic, Chatme.AI, AutoFAQ, SupportAI, Nanosemantika.

Comparison Criteria

  • Available Large Language Model (LLM): ChatGPT, YandexGPT, Custom Network.
  • Bot Training Capabilities: Testing the bot with your own data (otherwise, bot training is a custom development and can be expensive), parsing popular knowledge base sites (Notion, Confluence), and files.
  • Integrations with helpdesk, chats, messengers.
  • Orientation towards technical support: Copilot, Prompter, working hours, flexible response templates.

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Most products for creating AI chatbots are actually custom development. Many have a visual constructor, but it only allows creating scripted bots.

You can create and train an AI bot with your own data for free only in Wikibot and JustAI Aimylogic.

Contact us if you need more comparison characteristics or an analysis of chatbots that are not included in the comparison. We will conduct an analysis for you.

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