Trying out - a service for creating an AI chatbot for a website.

Trying out - a service for creating an AI chatbot for a website.

The number of services addressing the challenge of creating an AI consultant based on knowledge databases is growing. We introduce Wikibot, an AI-powered chatbot for customer support. Drawing from our experience, we will examine the most interesting products and services available in the market.

Comparison is conducted in August 2023, and the functionality of services is subject to constant change, so it's essential to consider this when reading the article.

Let's dive in!



Attempting to create an AI chatbot using our documentation in 10 seconds. Note that on the landing page, there is a "Create a Bot" button. If our focus is on assisting company support services, there's broader applicability: orientation towards knowledge about the website.


The portal features a convenient, animated bot creation wizard guiding users through the process. +1!


Pricing Plans

Instead of message packages per month, they offer pricing plans. It's unclear what happens when the dialogue limit is reached. A plan comparable to ours costs $149. In August 2023, our price is around $80. However, our current pricing is per response, whereas here, it's per dialogue. It can be argued that this service is more cost-effective for clients. A seven-day trial is convenient and clear. +1. In our experience, clients typically decide whether they will use the service within 2-3 days. The "Removable Footer" likely refers to chatbot advertising and a link to the service. +1



Selecting a bot, the current tariff for it, clear dialogue residue statistics with the bot, menu, tariff selection, settings, and data. Very minimalist design. Nothing unnecessary.



Messages upon entering the site and a welcome message when opening a dialogue are separated. Separate message customization in the input field. Avatar image is conveniently and clearly designed. Option to show sources, appearing as buttons in a separate block after the response. Coloring bot responses in a user's chosen color. Convenient. Button customization for calling the chat by size and color. System message setting, presumably part of "Prompt," assisting the bot in better performance on a specific site. The default is: "You are a helpful assistant with artificial intelligence. Your goal is to kindly help customers answer any questions they have about our website using the provided context. If the answer does not match the context, just say 'Hmm... I don't know.' Ignore chat history if it's not essential." No language setting for the response. It likely determines the language of the question, and the response is generated accordingly. I added the phrase "Give me an answer in French" to the system message and received a response in French. This is a very flexible tool for individual bot configuration. +1


Message History

Viewing interactions with the bot in the form of chat selection and displaying the dialogue as seen by the user. No filters, not even message search. Exporting conversation history to Excel. A simple log of questions and answers.


Source Settings

Ability to index the site automatically, work from a file, or select specific links and pages. Retraining button available. No option for automatic retraining of the chatbot on a schedule.



Scripts for embedding on the site. Customization options, various embedding options: as a button or a separate window. Option to share the bot with a separate page through an individual link.


Feature Requests

Requests about user issues and new features are available from the portal. You can see the real-time development process, and a board with the development team's tasks is accessible. Testing GPT responses


Seeking information on the site, providing correct links. It does not mislead.


Semantic search also works. The site does not have the term "creator," but it has "founder." The AI chatbot responded correctly.


Under the Hood - GPT

Handles it well. Managed to create an AI chatbot in 1 minute that understands questions and provides answers, including links to relevant documents.

Key Considerations and Features:

  • On the landing page, emphasize the "Create a Bot" button and collection of documentation links.
  • Bot creation wizard with training and explanations on usage.
  • Pricing based on plans, not response packages. This is much simpler for the client.
  • A seven-day trial. A clear history for users.
  • Footer with information about our service, removed on higher tariffs.
  • Our chat, embeddable on the site. We integrate with existing popular chats.
  • System message for flexible AI customization for individual users.
  • Automatic language detection for responses.
  • No automatic retraining.
  • Maximum proximity to users and transparency in development. The service evolves together with clients.

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