Simple pricing for companies of all sizes

Choose an affordable plan that’s packed with the best features for engaging your audience, creating customer loyalty, and driving sales.


Everything you need for customer support.


  • 500 credits
  • Basic reports
  • Technical support


For growing companies gaining momentum.


  • 2500 credits
  • Basic reports
  • Basic support
  • Basic scenarios


Comprehensive offering for large companies.


  • 10000 credits
  • Advanced reports
  • Premium support
  • Advanced scenarios
  • Custom parser


  • 100 credits
  • Basic functions

Frequently asked questions

The most frequent cost and pricing questions.

How much time can I spend messages in the package?

The package validity is 12 months, effectively making it unlimited.

What is a credit?

A credit represents the cost of interacting with the bot. Primary questions cost 1 credit, first-line queries cost 0.5 credits, greetings and expressions of gratitude cost 0.2 credits.

What does technical support include?

Handling errors and corrections. Communication is conducted via email.

What is included in basic support?

Answers to documentation-related questions and assistance with integration setups. Communication occurs in the Telegram work chat.

What is included in premium support?

Meetings with Customer success manager towards bot improvement, up to 5 hours within the package.

Can you configure the bot for me?

Yes, we provide a service for initial bot setup: 3000 rubles per hour, minimum 5 hours, 100% prepayment.

Is 1 credit deducted for all messages?

No, for the L1, we deduct 0.5 credits, for greetings and expressions of gratitude, it's 0.2 credits.

For which questions are less than 1 credit deducted?

L1, greetings, and expressions of gratitude: the first line costs 0.5 credits, greetings and expressions of gratitude cost 0.2 credits.

Do you charge per ticket or per question to the bot?

We deduct credits for each question to the bot. We believe that every question can be answered with a single message and strive for that.

What is the average cost per ticket?

On average, a ticket consumes between 1 to 1.5 credits.

What happens when credits run out?

The bot will start redirecting all inquiries to operators, ensuring uninterrupted operation for your department.

What is a custom parser?

A parser specially designed for your website for more efficient data loading. For Start and Growth tariffs, the cost is 5000 rubles.

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