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How it works

Train the bot and it will respond as effectively as a new employee

Set up frequently asked questions


Improve metrics and reduce backlog

While simultaneously doing the main job — making customers happier ✨ , promptly answering their questions and solving issues right now.

Reduce first response time

On average, the first response time improves by 10x.

30 секунд

среднее время ответа

Eliminate backlog

Your team will no longer have nightmares about the growing backlog of unresolved issues.

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Cover high season

The bot works 24/7, never tires, and is ready to respond at any time of day or night, regardless of holidays or seasons.

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Backup on weekends

Our bot always has your back at night or during holidays; your clients will never be without support at any time of day.


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Detect incidents

If you've ever discovered a critical issue late in the backlog of unresolved tickets...

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предотвратит потерь

No burnout

Our bot is immune to emotional swings and perfectly complements a human team, giving them time to breathe.

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Endless possibilities through integrations

Build your workflow using connectors that are designed to be integrated into your pipeline.

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Honest feedback from our customers

The dream of any support

They're talking about us Honest feedback from our first customers The dream of any support All expectations from the service have fully justified themselves. The solution is very promising, especially if there is good product documentation.

The bot's answers are sometimes impressive - sometimes it answers better than a beginner on the first line of support.
Yuri Pavshukov

Recommending bot from Wikibot

The bot gives answers similar to human ones — some users literally communicate with the bot and say "thank you" to it;

The bot understands the essence of users' questions, even if the text does not match the information from the knowledge base.
Snezhana Maiskaia

Cool chatbot for customer support

Wikibot - unlike other chatbots, it really answers questions about the database and gives adequate answers to users.
Sofia Zaitseva

Quickly adapt to requests

Even with a poorly assembled knowledge base, the % of correct and relevant answers is 30%, and as the knowledge base is refined, it is clear how the bot responds more accurately and correctly.

The work in an attempt to "retrain" the bot helps to better hear user requests and keep more focus on how communications with the client are built.
Dima Fourier


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